Automated DDoS Test Platform

According to 2018 Corero Trends and NETSCOUT Arbor's 13th Annual Worldwide Infrastructure Security reports

What is LoDDoS?

LoDDoS is an automated DDoS testing platform which is managed through a web interface. The platform simulates real DDoS attacks against the organizations via real attack parameters.

This enables organizations to test the limits and efficiency of DDoS prevention systems before a real DDoS attack. The tests can be stopped, restarted, recorded, reported anytime and the reports can be stored to evaluate later on. Thus, the benefits of the DDoS prevention investments can be easily monitored.

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What is LoDDoS

Why To Perform DDos Tests?

Generally, DDoS tests are performed to measure the efficiency and limits of the DDoS prevention products and services, and to improve these systems, as well as to measure and improve the efficiency and capabilities of the organization in case of a DDoS attack.

DDoS prevention systems and products are not plug-and-play systems; Organization’s normal and abnormal network traffics, baselines and thresholds must be defined.

However, it is important that the devices and server systems in the organization’s network must be tested and the security specialists who manage DDoS prevention systems must experience the reaction of the systems before a real DDoS attack.

How To Perform DDos Tests?

Most DDoS tests are manually performed nowadays. The technical and administrative preparation stages of these tests take long. Security and IT teams must work together to prepare and configure the systems to perform DDoS tests. Performance of these operations leads to additional load in terms of time and cost. Real-time monitoring is usually not available during the tests and it takes time to issue reports after the tests are completed.

Regardless of whether they are performed for once or regularly, the preparation of each test is started from the beginning.

Are You Ready for DDoS Attack? Measure with LoDDoS!

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